dylan gauthier

S(o)S Temporary - 2009

Repurposed temporary staircase, wood, paint, handmade oars, historic photographs, video.

At the end of the Red76 “Surplus Seminar” residency with C.C.A.D. in Columbus, Ohio (part of the exhibition ‘Descent to Revolution‘) Sam, Gabriel and I spent the weekend building a small punt boat with students and faculty from the college.  The shape of the boat was inspired by photographs from Ohio State floods in the 1910’s, 30’s and 50’s, and by our having found an intact staircase (marked “temporary” on its side, and providing our craft with its name) randomly discarded in the center of Columbus, Ohio, earlier in the week.



Presented as part of Red76’s Surplus Seminar, a project for the exhibition ‘Descent to Revolution,’ organized by James Voorhies and Bureau for Open Culture.


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