Downstream Transmission

Field guide publication, custom map printed on waterproof paper, audio composition transmitted via FM-radio transmitter to on-water canoe flotilla. (2017)

Downstream transmission was a 12-mile, participatory canoe voyage that began in the historic district of Northbrook, PA, and continued down the West Branch of the Brandywine into Wyeth Country, ending at the Brandywine River Museum of Art, along with an audio composition detailing the arrival of so-called invasive plant species in parallel with the history of colonial settlement and Indigenous displacement in the region.

The tall willows, rocky banks, and thick meadows that stretch along the rolling Brandywine provided a sonic backdrop for a sound piece on the region’s cultural and natural history, composed by the artist and broadcast on provided radios along the trip. Naturalists from the Brandywine Conservancy provided commentary on the flora, fauna, and history of the region along the way.

The artist’s 12’ punt, a small boat constructed with the public over the course of his residency at the Brandywine Museum, accompanied the trip.

Book designed in collaboration with Partner & Partners, map designed in collaboration with Brandywine Conservancy’s Michele Gandy.


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Exhibition Timeline

Brandywine River Museum of Art, 2017.