Student Work

A Selection of Student Work

Sculpture/Social Sculpture (Haverford, Undergraduate)

Visiting Artist Project, Haverford College (2015)

“Do It Yourself (DIY) Movements and American Environmentalisms,” organized in series with Faculty Seminar on Critical Making.

Instructor: Joshua Moses, students: Chloe Wang, Caleb Eckert, et al..

I worked with the students over the semester to decide on what to build based around a number of texts we provided, and together with my collective, Mare Liberum, we worked together to design  a small plywood punt which could be constructed with easy-to-source materials.

The project was informed by readings including an essay I wrote for a Red76 publication, “Journal of Radical Shimming,” on craft, pedagogy, and boatbuilding: Respectable Craft – On Trash Boatbuilding and Alchemical Pedagogies.

The students built the punt in the course of a morning, named it “Onward Swift Sedona” after a student that had to miss the build for a track meet, and we launched it on the Schuylkill River later that afternoon.

Below is a documentation pinhole photograph by student Chloe Wang.

Haverford College Press:

Accompanying broadsheet.

Social Media / Social Sculpture Project (SUNY Purchase, Undergraduate)

Interposed, PC4-Yonkers, Purchase College (A collaboration with the Junior and Senior Studio Class, instructor: Brooke Singer), students: Scott Rivard, Evan Noland, among others.

Dylan Gauthier’s workshop: On Wednesday, April 13, from 3:30-5pm, artist Dylan Gauthier will lead a public and free workshop titled “Making Social Spaces/Making Spaces Social.” The focus will be on how architecture and the built environment shape and define our social interactions. The workshop will open up discussion on how the spaces we live and work might be re-envisioned, reconfigured and reorganized to create new opportunities for sociality, mutal-aid and collectivity.

SUNY Purchase Professor Brooke Singer invited me to work with her class on a project for a newly opened space in Yonkers.  I worked with students to design an instagram campaign inviting people to reimagine spaces in their city as “social spaces.”  The students set up and managed promotion of the instagram account and completed the project with a physical installation of selected images culled from the hashtag and a slideshow.  The exhibition, also curated by the students, featured my work alongside work by Taeyoon Choi, Paolo Cirio, eteam, Deirdre Fishel, Josh Tonsfeldt, Alex Villar, Caroline Woolard.

During the workshop we brainstormed around ideas of social space, which then became a risograph print:

Emerging Media (Hunter College, Graduate)

Student-organized discussion on Internet Feminisms presented at Kosovo Reading Room, Long Island City, NY, by students from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Hunter College

(co-organized with Red76)



Sustainable Systems (Parsons School of Design, Undergraduate)


Web Design Projects, Final Assignment: “Redrawing the Floodlines: A Web Document and Assessment of New York City’s Changing Waterfront”

(Hunter College, Undergraduate)

Students research went into this North Brooklyn Wilderness Corridor Map:

Jeremy Reinstein, Web Production 1/Animation (Hunter College, undergraduate)

Akeel Nelson, New Media Newsroom/Video (SUNY Old Westbury)

Jing Wang, Emerging Media/Flash/ActionScript (Hunter College)

Papers – Understanding New Media (Undergraduate)

Jesse Convertino, Where Eagles Dare: Punk is Dead (Again)

Heather David, Psychedelics and the Internet: Freedom of Consciousness

Gabriele Edelman, Art Review, Hypnotherapy: From David Lynch to Aleister Crowley

Aaron Tejada, Understanding_Cyborgs

Vanessa Rodriguez, Linkability

Multiple Students, Roosevelt House Human Rights Program Student Exhibition Proposal, Photography and Human Rights

Tina Chen, Swings and Silk: A New Kind of Art