November – December 2015: Exhibition – Accompaniment @ EFA Project Space

I built five tables by Italian designer Enzo Mari (+1 bench) as display elements to accompany other artists’ works in the exhibition Accompaniment at EFA Project Space, curated by Kendra Sullivan & Kari Cwynar.

Accompaniment is a curatorial project exploring “accompaniment” as an evolving theory of practice, developed in response to our cultural and political milieu. The project asks: might an artistic practice characterized by distributed authorship be a catalyst for a shift in the ways we produce, exhibit, and write about art? This exhibition enacts accompaniment such that the physical, historical, and social supports within individual practices are made manifest, but also so that each participant and contribution inevitably accompanies and is accompanied in the present grouping. This model subverts the order of the soloist, laying bare a deeply stratified ground in which everything created is inscribed and contingent.

See: Display Elements (Enzo Mari)2015. Tri-Lox reclaimed water tower white cedar, Enzo Mari designs, consultations with the artists, nails.  Dimensions:  7′ x 3′ x 3′.