June 2014: Wave Farm MAAF / Distribution – Fabric/Fragment of An Urban Wilderness

Earlier this year I was honored to be among the recipients of a Wave Farm Media Artist Assistance Fund for my series of recordings of the electromagnetic fields around Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  In June I will conduct an EMF-recorder hacking workshop and live, mobile, performance of the piece as a form of distribution of the original work.  Email me for more information or to attend the event and stay tuned for date/place/time.
Read the project’s description below, or download the MAAF press release.
Fabric/Fragment of An Urban Wilderness (2013) is a sonic investigation that gives voice to the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the urban landscape, generated by fluorescent fixtures, traffic signal controls, WIFI routers, plasma screens, cellphone towers, or our personal electronic devices. Though ignored by the general public, EMFs are ubiquitous in the built environment, and they create a largely inaudible soundtrack to our technologized selves. Ironically, chronic exposure to low-level radiation could potentially alter the way our cells function, changing our makeup and potentially our health.  EMFs function as unseen, urban wilderness, paralleling our interactions with and dependence on technological infrastructures and communications networks.  The recordings that comprise Fabric/Fragment remap Greenpoint, Brooklyn via its invisible sonic landscape.  MAAF distribution funding will support an editioned release of 100 cassette tapes, designed by the artist and distributed through the neighborhood, via tape labels, artist book publishers, online environmental sound websites, and public workshops.