June 2014: In Residence at HENRY, Minneapolis, MN

This June I’ll be joining my dear old (as in ‘longtime’) friend Sam Gould (red76) as a resident of his ongoing radical domestic undertaking codenamed ‘Henry.’  What is Henry, you might ask?

A multi-year distributed action, Henry exists within the intersection of three distinct South Minneapolis neighborhoods utilizing the notion of a Right to the Imagination in parallel to urbanist / activist strategies of a Right to the City. By energizing a continued series of projects, dialogues, and mediated conduits, Henry’s aim is to energize a “city from below” mechanism, attempting to open up space for each and every neighbor to question not only where they live, but their place, autonomy, voice, and responsibilities within their shared landscape over a series of years. Through in-home classes, lending libraries, free media and more, Henry encourages an anarchic collaboration and transparent space for possibilities as a way for individuals and neighbors to relate and govern their own shared lives.

Super excited to see Sam, Laura, the kids, and assorted friends in Minneapolis, and to work with Sam on another JRS entry to catalogue last year’s Book Motel at the Printed Matter Art Book Fair here in New York among other things.