Recent & Upcoming

  • Freshkills Field R/D (Public Art Program co-curated with Mariel Villeré), Freshkills Park, NYC, 2017-8.
  • Resistance After Nature. Exhibition co-curated with Kendra Sullivan, Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, Haverford College, PA, March 17 – April 28 2017.
  • Research Residency and Exhibition: Cape Cod Modern House Trust/Cape Cod National Seashore (NPS), Wellfleet, MA. May/October 2017 (exhibition, Provincetown, May 2018)


Thematic/Research Residency: Realizing an Urban Commons, Blue Mountain Center, New York, November 2016.

Co-organized with Kendra Sullivan and Chloë Bass: a thematic residency on the urban commons, or: how do we who are engaged in “producing and reproducing the city,” as David Harvey has written, reinforce our “collective right not only to that which they produce, but also to decide what kind of urbanism is to be produced?” The cohort at BMC includes a grouping of writers, activists, civic hackers, caregivers, scholars, choreographers and teachers who incorporate mutual aid, commoning, place, urbanism, and local politics into their practice. As writer Fred Moten has said: “I don’t wanna represent anything and I don’t want to repair anything but I do wanna be here more in another way.” During the ten day residency, the co-organizers invited practitioners to compare urban strategies for being here more in another way; from new forms of urban intervention; to rethinking health and ability in the context of the larger city; to building urban social spaces that strengthen the commons against gentrification and displacement and that embrace diverse identifications and possibilities.

Participating Artists

Tori Abernathy | Genji Amino | Daisy Atterbury | Teresa Basilio | Chloë Bass | Peter Cramer | Taraneh Fazeli | Dylan Gauthier | Samantha Hill | Lize Mogel | Antonio Serna | Kendra Sullivan | Jack Waters

Curatorial Advisor: Private Nationalism: Pressing Issues in Central European Contemporary Video Art, December, 2015.

A video screening and panel discussion held at Knockdown Center, NYC. Co-presented by Edit András, Ilona Németh, Viera Levitt, Clakula-Gauthier Art production and Magdalena Moskalewicz.

Including the work of Tibor Horváth, László Nagyvári Nosek, Csaba Nemes, Bálint Szombathy (Hungary) /András Cséfalvay, Matej Kaminský, Ilona Németh, Martin Piaček, Tomáš Rafa, Mark Ther, Matej Vakula (Czech Republic and Slovakia /C.T Jasper. And Joanna Malinowska (Polish Pavilion of the Venice Biennial, 2015)

Private Nationalism Project was initiated by Approach Art Association, Pécs (project leader (Rita Varga) took place as an exhibition series at arts venues throughout Central Europe and beyond. Using visual artworks, discussions, and publications, the project directed attention to the urgency of totalizing nationalist developments of the former Soviet bloc by shedding light on overlooked issues of the daily life, and the subtle processes by which ideologies infiltrate and are absorbed into the citizenry.

Co-Curator: Art in Odd Places Festival #10: FREE, October 2014.

Co-curated with Juliana Driever, curatorial advisor: Claire Demere.  Art in Odd Places aims to stretch the boundaries of communication in the public realm by presenting artworks in all disciplines outside the confines of traditional public space regulations. AiOP reminds us that public spaces function as the epicenter for diverse social interactions and the unfettered exchange of ideas. Following its decade-long history of artful protest in New York City, Art in Odd Places 2014: FREE presents sixty-two projects that actively engage and respond to the history and heterogeneity of 14th Street. AiOP: FREE asks us to consider what it means to be autonomous in this milieu, with all of its surrounding conditions. Creating a test site for the possibilities and limitations of public space, AiOP: FREE prompts artists to highlight civil liberties, forms of exchange, and personal and collective freedoms in forming a critical idea of what our urban commons looks like, and how it functions.

Video: Installing 14th Street Flags with Johannes Rantapuska & Milja Havas

Participating Artists:
0H10M1KE & TJ | Clover Archer | BabySkinGlove | Big Head Brigade | Joseph Bigley | Maria Builes | Sarah Burrell | Melissa Calderón | Thiago Carrapatoso, Todd Lester & Niki Singleton | Tré Chandler & Jabari Owens-Bailey | Felipe Cidade | Concerned New Yorkers | Amanda Davis | Jim Dessicino | Anthony Donatelle | Nicky Enright | eteam | Fixers Collective | John Craig Freeman | Rory Golden | Kris Grey | Katya Grokhovsky | Leah Harper | Hannah Hiaasen | Jessica Houston | The Illuminator | Kaloyan Ivanov & Raúl Hott | Samuel Jablon | Jantar | Ienke Kastelein | Maskull Lasserre & Central Park Tours Inc. | Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama | Amanda Long | Andrew McFarland & Emma Dessau | Mobile Print Power & Talk is Cheap | Laura Moore | Willard Morgan | Jody Oberfelder | Cupid Ojala | Joel Ong & Robert Blatt | Jenny Polak | Johannes Rantapuska & Milja Havas | Jen Reimer & Max Stein | Ben Retig & Marianna De Nadal | James Rojas | Caitlin Ryan | Jesse Eric Schmidt | Kara Schmidt | Jesse Seegers | Stephen Sewell | Maayan Sheleff, Eran Hadas & Gal Eshel | Jen Smith | Jeff Stark | Clark Stoeckley | Sasha Sumner & Nick Porcaro | Kevin Townsend | Matej Vakula | Emilio Vavarella & Daniel Belquer | Marieke Warmelink & Domenique Himmelschbach De Vries | Stefanie Weber | Brooks Wenzel | The WORK Intern

Co-Curator: Silence, January 31, 2007 – February 24, 2007

Co-curated with Galen Joseph-Hunter, Executive Director of free103point9/wavefarm, this exhibition focusee on artists’ uses of and responses to silence – as manifested in sculpture, installation, composition, works on paper, and time-based practices. The works on view address the futility of the chase, the beauty of absence, and the rich potential of an empty signal. Sound program: A Call for Silence, curated by Nicolas Collins. Courtesy Sonic Arts Network. Public Events  at 4:33 pm every Saturday, with Michelle Nagai, Michael Graeve, Tianna Kennedy, others.  Poetically, the exhibition turned out to be the final show at Gigantic ArtSpace which lost funding overnight – an early victim of the 2007/8 financial crisis.

Participating Artists:
David La Spina | Douglas Henderson | Douglas Repetto | James Woodfill | Jeroen Diepenmaat | Juan Matos Capote | Lee Ranaldo | LoVid | Matthew Burtner | Michael Graeve and Christoph Dahlhausen | Michelle Rosenberg | Pablo Helguera | Pierre Huyghe | Stephen Vitiello | Tarikh Korula and Tianna Kennedy

Curator: Special Reconnaissance_,  November 09 2006 – January 19 2007

A group show investigating the construction of place at the intersection of conflict, narrative and memory. Blending elements of surveillance and performance, expedition and revelation, the exhibition asks: “How do we define place and how do we find ourselves in it?” Following the root of ‘reconnaissance,’ which is ‘to take back the land,’ the title of the exhibition takes the word back from the Department of Defense, just as these sixteen artists endeavor to retake place from the forces of ruin, oblivion and decay.

Participating Artists:
Carrie Dashow | Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) | Darina Karpov | Darren Sylvester |  Ellie Ga | Haley Hughes | J Henry Fair | James Howard Kunstler | Jenny Marketou | Red76 | Robin Treadwell |  The Folk Songs Project | Vera Brunner-Sung

Assistant Curator/Associate Director: Gigantic ArtSpace (GAS), NYC (2004-2007)

American Panopticon – january 28 2005 – march 12 2005 – [opening] – [main gallery]
Palimpsests – march 25 2005 – may 01 2005 – [opening]
ACROSS and DOWN – may 12 2005 – june 25 2005 – [opening] – [main gallery]
YOUR SKY – july 07 2005 – july 29 2005 – [opening] – [main gallery]
Negativlandland – september 09 2005 – october 22 2005 – [opening] – [main gallery]
DRIFT – november 04 2005 – january 14 2006 – [opening] – [main gallery] – [performance gallery]
Artificial Afrika – january 27 2006 – march 17 2006 – [opening] – [main gallery]
Object Lessons – march 29 2006 – may 19 2006 – [opening] – [main gallery] – [catalog]
The Roving Eye – may 31 2006 – july 27 2006 – [opening] – [main gallery]
The Golden Hour – september 13 2006 – october 28 2006 – [opening] – [main gallery]