Floating Academy

Art Crates, Cloth, Packing Materials, Wood, Flags, Flotation (barrels, foam, nets).  (2010)

At the end of Red76’s Surplus Seminar and residency at the Walker Art Center, working with the public and the museum staff, we built a floating school where Red76 (in this iteration, Gabriel Salomon, Sam Gould, yours truly) could continue our conversation on the histories of land use and rights in Minnesota, survivalism, colonization, utopia as a tool, the ethical complications of philanthropy and of the “commons” in urban public space, and the conversion of wilderness to parkland.

We built The Floating Academy, as it came to be called, from discarded art crates “borrowed” from the Walker’s workshops.  The Academy was comprised of rafts of varying sizes.  We floated them out onto Lake-of-the-Isles, circled up, and held a seminar, the last of the series of Red76’s Pop Up Book Academy talks to be held in Minneapolis that summer.

Read more on the project at the Walker’s blog.

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Exhibition Timeline

Open Field (with Red76), Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN.

Image credit: Juana Berrio.