a poem is an unsaying of what was said

With Kendra Sullivan. Audio documentation of a performance, magnetic reel-to-reel tape recorder/player, 3/4" magnetic tape. (2010-11)

Erasing itself while creating / recording something new (a specific and fleeting 24-hour-long moment) seven magnetic tape players reawaken the dormant cultural memories stored on the audio tape and infuse them with soon to be remembered (or forgotten) moments of our present day. One player speaks into another, passing along its version of the piece. The original sound recording is worn away and replaced by a contemporary hearing of the original score, which is colored and shaped by the presence or absence of participants and the natural acoustics of the performance space. Here the act of listening itself is recorded, as well as the unique location in which the piece is installed, as participants pass between the playback units, their movements and readings picked up by separate microphones hung throughout the room.

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