Collaboratively-shot video and geolocation website, custom code, publication. (2014)

a. the approx. distance in miles between Hudson, ny and NYC.

b. An open-source feature-length video composed of 24 5-minute parts, recorded by a single camera.

c. A Mini- DV tape is locked into the camera. The camera is mailed back and forth between hudson and nyc, in a call and response fashion. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to take part by borrowing the camera and recording a 5-minute video on the theme of ‘correspondence,’ this paper-based shot log will travel back and forth with the camera detailing time of day and location of the last shot to guide the start of the next scene.

See 120m for current location of the camera.



Exhibition Timeline

Exhibited in:


Opening Saturday, March 8, 2-8pm

On view from March 8-April 10 at PS Hudson
Organized by PS Hudson & curator Lisa Hayes Williams

In French, the word correspondance refers to connection points between trains, or, like its English translation, an exchange of letters or messages. It can also refer to similarity or analogy between two or more things. Publication Studio Hudson’s inaugural exhibition takes this multivalent word in considering two places–New York City and Catskill–as points of exchange between people, ideas, and objects. As a newly established book design, printing, and publishing studio in Catskill, NY, PS Hudson welcomes a group of artists and collaborators from the Greater New York area to send–via post or train–works of any medium as an initiation of dialogue. Featuring over 40 participants, Correspondance is the first in a series of exhibitions that seeks to realize the philosophy of publication as the creation of a public, a common space where all are welcome and enter into dialogue on equal terms. An exhibition held right on the heels of the first will present responses made by Hudson and Catskill area artists.